NooroPad Questions & Answers

Modified on Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 02:51 AM

• Does the NooroPad require batteries?

The NooroPad already has an integrated rechargeable battery. Every order includes a charging cable too!

• How long will the NooroPad last me? How many uses will I have until I have to replace the pads?

The sticky pad will be reusable 20-40 times depending on your maintenance level.

• How to properly maintain the pads?

Turn the device completely off when you stop using it by repeatedly pressing the OFF button. If the pad got somewhat dirty/dusty, take it off the host device and rinse it with warm water (without soap) and leave to dry. Cover the pad with the transparent film to protect it. Make sure to always use the pad on a clean and dry skin.

• How do I charge the NooroPad?

Charge until the blue LED indicator stops blinking. Do not overcharge - do not charge overnight.

• Are there replacement pads?

Yes you can buy extra replacement pads here:

• Can the NooroPad cause any allergic reactions? Are they hypo allergenic?

The NooroPad in made out of skin friendly materials and should not cause any allergic reactions. However we can not guarantee this due to the fact that every single person is different. If you even had any allergic reactions, please consult your doctor before using the NooroPad.

• Does the NooroPad interfere with a cardiac pacemaker?

We do not recommend anyone to use this device if they have a cardiac pacemaker or any similar implants or devices. Please make sure to consult with a medical professional.

• Can I use the NoooPad for over 12 minutes in a day?

Yes you can but we do not recommend using it for over 20 minutes. If you change the position of the NooroPad to a completely new area, i.e. from the Lower Back to the Thigh, then you can use it in both areas for 12 minutes each.

• Can I buy replacement pads for the NooroPad?

Yes! Click the following link to order replacement pads separately:

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